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Meet THE iNDEE: Russ Willey

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Russ Willey.jpg
Russ Willey Photo Credit: David Superville
In continuing the Meet The iNDEE series, we spotlight Russ Willey.

What are your hobbies/pastimes outside of work?

Watching movies, playing with my son and taking pictures 

How did you know you wanted to be a writer/director/work on set ? 

Doing a play in junior high I fell in love with acting,

What is one thing you think most people don't know about you? 

That I studied martial arts for 34 yrs, at one time I was homeless, and I'm living proof that organ donation works. I'm a two time kidney transplant recipient.

Audition for "Tree Hugger" an All Around Artsy Film

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TreeHugger.jpgAuditions will be held on Saturday October 11th from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm at the North Asheville Library.

"Tree Hugger" a dark fantasy short film produced by All Around Artsy Productions is currently seeking out 2 actors: 1 female (looks 14-17) and 1 male (looks 15-18).

The film will be shot one weekend in either December or January. Before then we will meet to have a few rehearsals. 

Compensation?: The budget for the film is small, but actors will receive some compensation for their time during the shoot. Plus there will be meals on set!

***Please bring along a copy of your resume and be prepared to read from the sides provided for you at the audition. To ensure we have time for your audition, you must send an RSVP email to, along with your name and resume. We will send back a confirmation email with more details upon receiving your RSVP. 

Take 5!

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News and more from around the web.

Vote for Metalholic's 2014 Top 25 Women in Metal.  

North Carolina's Christy Johnson of Dreamkiller is in the list.

If you watch the Hulu series Quick Draw you might recognize the set.  It it the same set used by Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman years ago.  The actors on this western comedy rarely know what their lines are going to be before they perform them.
Read about it at The Hollywood Reporter

Did you like Brazil?  Then you may like The Zero Theorem by Terry Gilliam.

An interview with Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and Craig Johnson, the director of The Skeleton Twins.

A History of Opening Credits


Did you know that Hank Garland who was an A-Team member (a group of session musicians in Nashville) who backed singers such as Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, and Bob Dylan was born and raised in Cowpens, SC?

Featured Music Video

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Wait Until Dark Opens Tonight - Cary Players

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Wait Until Dark

Wait Until Dark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cary Players Presents the Suspense-thriller Wait Until Dark
September 26-28 & October 3-5 at the Cary Arts Center 101 Dry Avenue in Downtown Cary
Audiences will be on the edge of their seats as Cary Players Community Theatre opens its 13th season with Frederick Knott's spine-tingling drama, Wait Until Dark. Mr. Knott's, whose works include the classic, Dial M for Murder, has crafted a terrifying tale of cat and mouse that builds to a chilling conclusion.
Wait Until Dark first appeared on Broadway in 1966 starring Lee Remick in the leading role of Susy Hendrix, a blind New York City housewife who is threatened by three evil con-men in search of drugs they believe were inadvertently hidden in her apartment. Movie audiences may recall Audrey Hepburn in the film version of the story.  Cary Players is delighted to have Kirsten Ehlert, an award-winning triangle actress, in the role the vulnerable, yet resourceful Susy. Veteran performer Larry Evans takes on the role of Roat, a relentless villain and leader of the gang who meet their match with the quick-thinking Susy.


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Joshua Sheik Headshot.jpg

Voting for Round 3 of Project Greenlight ends tomorrow.  In this round voting for the film of one of the 20 remaining filmmakers will be held on Facebook.  Popular demand will determine which one of the final 20 will automatically advance to the final 10.

As far as we can tell Joshua Sheik is the only contestant left that is currently living in the southeast so we wish everyone else the best but we are putting our effort behind him to represent us here in the south.

 Read some of the testimonials about Joshua below and add your own with Facebook commenting at the end of the article if you'd like to show your support.  Every bit helps.

Finally if you agree and want Josh to be one of the final 10 then go to the link below and vote for him and his film Excuse Me.

Click here to vote for Joshua Sheik (Sik) and his film Excuse Me.

The voting period will be from 3:00 PM ET 9/15/14 until 11:59 PM 9/26/14

To learn more about Joshua read our article about him here:

Joshua Sheik and Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight - Top 20 Winners

GSN This Week

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GSN This Week.jpg
The latest casting calls, film & music festivals, and theater events coming up this week.

English: A Magnolia tree blossom. Français : F...

(Photo credit: James F. via Wikipedia)

The ladies of a southern town argue about a magnolia tree in the beginning of the play. Are they themselves as soft as a magnolia bloom or hard as steel?  

I think  it's a little of both and that's what the cast and director of Steel Magnolias hope you see too.

Directed by Timothy Locklear for the North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre it is a story of six very different women who often gather at the beauty shop and discuss the ups and downs they encounter in their daily lives.

Featuring Lori Ingle Taylor, Dee Penven-Crew, Robin Vaught Parrish, Mary Beth Hollman, Christine Rogers, and Lauren Knott in an ensemble cast.

Don't miss the chance to see this play if your haven't already and enjoy our conversation below with the director and cast where we learn more about the play and their roles.

Absurducopia Preview - The Antidote

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PartnersSeason1Ep3a.jpgThe third episode of Partners, a police drama starring Candace Blanchard and Darren Conrad, will be released this Sunday.

What's it like to be a child of a law enforcement officer?  That's what we will see as Julie Kain (Maggie Batson) deals with the lack of a father figure in her life.  Maureen Dowdell (In The Heat of The Night) makes her debut as Chief Tracy Hanlee.  Addy Miller from The Walking Dead and Ron Caldwell from Flight will also be appearing.

In Episode 2 Kira and Wayne experience an epic fail in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail - The Musical

Project Greenlight - Top 20 Winners

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Thumbnail image for Joshua Sheik.jpg
Congratulations to Joshua Sheik for making the top 20.  You can read about our interview with Joshua here:

Featured Short Film

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An Interview with Tim Ross - Part 4

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Tim Ross2.jpg
Experience brings wisdom, and if that's the case Tim Ross has a plethora of wisdom. With a history in acting that ranges from the west coast to the east, commercial to independent, Tim's got plenty to teach and there's much to be learned from him! 

Never content to be idle, Tim is someone who's not only been "in the business", but has been successful at it for over 20 years. He's been on soaps, movies, commercials, and continues to strive for more. Anyone interested in acting would benefit from checking this video out for advice from someone who's definitely been there!

Joshua Sheik and Project Greenlight

Joshua Sheik.jpg

Joshua Sheik began writing stories at a young age and by the time that he was 10 he had directed his first play/movie called Murder on Saratoga Street which he followed up with six sequels.

After graduating high school, he attended West Point military school . From there he was commissioned as an Army Aviation Officer, became a rated helicopter pilot, was deployed twice to Iraq, and made films for his troops. During this time, he learned about being responsible for others and leadership skills. Which he says, is "one of the most important pillars of being a director." He feels that "the greatest directors are not only artists, but they are also grounded leaders".

Athena_Worldly_Possessions_Event.jpg Coming up next month is a premiere event that you don't want to miss.  Athena, a long awaited feature length movie by director Robert Filion and the highly anticipated Worldly Possessions from Brad Hord.

"Brad Hord, Robert W. Filion and the Don Gibson Theatre cordially invite you to a night of bloodcurdlingly exquisite entertainment featuring the very first screenings of Worldly Possessions (a short written by Brad Hord and directed by Robert W. Filion), and Athena (a feature length motion picture written by Michael Louis Calvillo and directed by Robert W. Filion). "

Meet THE iNDEE: Jen Becker

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Now it is Jen Becker's turn to be in the "Meet The iNDEE" spotlight! Please enjoy her interview and share with your friends! 

What are your hobbies/pastimes outside of work?

Spending time with my family. I enjoy the outdoors - hiking and camping. I am part of a tight knit church family. I love cooking for a big group of hungry people. I thoroughly enjoy authentic ethnic foods.

Jen Becker by Russ Willey.jpg
Photo Credit: Russ Willey
Réalisation d'un film

Image by Danilo Prates via Wikipedia

Film Riot from Revision 3 and Triune Films brings you filmmaking techniques, production tips, and DIY projects for filmmakers.  Directed and hosted by Ryan Connolly.